Quick tip for holding a more meaningful conversation

Have you ever wanted to be heard for something or share something with someone but not been able to? Maybe you’ve had an experience where you have felt such comfort with someone that you have shared something deeply vulnerable?

In these times of returning to our connection as a human tribe and sharing in the challenges and joy of the human experience, vulnerable conversations and being a ‘space holder’ is incredibly important. Whether it’s with your partner, friends, children or colleagues!

Here’s one quick tip on how to hold space and invite someone into a deeper conversation for you to try out.

With total presence when you are in front of someone else you can generally feel when something is wanting to be shared. It takes courage though to share it sometimes, right? Next time you are totally present with the person in front of you (that’s the 1st step!) and you feel there is something that really wants to be shared, try simply saying, “I don’t know if this is the case, but I get a sense there is more that you’re really wanting to share with someone. I want you to know that I am here, ready to listen and hold you safe, if you wish. Just my feeling.” Simply let them know that this is just your sense and that you are here to hold space and let them be heard if they wish.

See what happens and I’d love to know how you find this!

In the effort to return to our natural way of being together in connection and community, there’s more like this in my new book, Modern Tribe. You can pre-order that here if you feel inspired :)

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