About Us

Anjel Ms was created in 2008 by Gaelle Beech and her Balinese friend Luh Ariadi “Arik”. Their goal was to use fashion as a vehicle to improve the life standards of disadvantaged communities in Bali by providing them with education, as well as a fair wage and safe working conditions while showcasing their traditional skills and celebrating their cultural heritage.

The Anjel Ms name was created from the initials of the people who inspired them to start this project: Arik, Nick, Jero, Elena, Lucy, Maddy, Made, Mamyvone, Mavis, Michael and Sasha. Angel Michael was also the nickname Arik and Jero gave Gaelle's father-in-law, Michael, when he decided to help them after their initial trip to Bali.

In 2012, their project template was taken to Kathmandu, Nepal where all their basics, knitwear and a lot of their accessories are made with the collaboration of the Himalayan Nepal Export group.

In 2014, Anjel Ms started a collaboration with The Stitching Project in Pushkar, India, a social enterprise run by textile artist, Fiona Wright and her husband Praveen Nayak, working with their community.

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This collaboration coincided with the start of an internship program for Western Australian fashion graduates that Anjel Ms started as a result of running the Fairly Fashionable Challenge in 2014 as part of their commitment to Fairtrade Fremantle. As well as the need to raise awareness of the need for transparency in fashion practices, Anjel Ms realised the importance of linking emerging designers directly to producers to develop a stronger ethical fashion network.

For the past year, Anjel Ms has worked with Cordelia Gibbs, Curtin fashion graduate 2014 . She has now become an integral part of the Anjel Ms family as a part-time designer.

The Anjel Ms family invites you to inspire and get inspired to make a difference.